At True Sparkle, we only work with people who have exclusively signed with us, because that’s the only way we believe we can give each person the best possible attention.

Given the high number of applications, we would like to inform you that unfortunately we will not be able to respond to everyone who comes to us.

Therefore, if you don’t receive any contact from us within 90 days, the response has not been positive.

The fact that we don’t have the agency capacity to take on everyone who comes to us is due to the fact that we try to give the best to those we already represent, without questioning the talent that those who contact us may have.

If you don’t receive a reply, you can reapply after 9 months, first analyzing whether the photos and videos you sent were the best.

The photos must be:

  • On a plain background
  • Pass type
  • Right
  • No filters
  • No sunglasses, no hats, no cell phones in front, no cut-offs where you can see your face well
  • Photos that do not meet these conditions and therefore the application will not be accepted.

The presentation video should be:

  • Shot horizontally
  • Looking directly at the camera
  • No background noise (preferably filmed indoors)
  • Honestly mention the choice for TRUE SPARKLE
  • Mention experience, without going into details
  • State your motivation and objectives.

The Curriculum is not required for children under 10.

Don’t forget that your CV must contain:

  • Curricular, professional and/or artistic training
  • Artistic and/or professional experience.


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Campo Inválido.